Stereo 3D Test Renders

Chromadepth | Anaglyphic | Paired | Interlaced

Note: The images below were designed to be viewed through 3D glasses.
You will need the appropriate type of 3D glasses to correctly view each image.

Chromadepth (see the background designs available for license for use in your presentations )




3D iPAQ model modeled from scratch by InventionDemos

These 3D presentations are suitable for just about any industry, including high-tech areas such as nanotechnology, biotech, geographic, architectural visualization, computer chip design, marine and space technology, etc.

The 3D imagery can be displayed in a wide variety of media such as: projected before and audience, displayed on the web,
distributed on DVD, CD, printed media, posters, etc.

Images can be static or animated in digital video (such as AVI, Quicktime, Real media, etc.) or in Macromedia Flash.


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